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do it with your dying will
© accioloki

idk if you say possesive things like “you’re mine” i get all melty and weird and will probably fall in love with you 


Tetsurou plus piercings/tattoo ♡


If you fight like a married coupletalk like best friendsflirt like first lovers and protect each other like siblingsthen you know you are meant to be together.

Inspired by (x)


buncha gross cats


do you like lemons? 


Anime guys these days are soooo original ( ´ ▽ ` )

Nagisa Hazuki | Free! ●○


imagine if koujaku was trying to send a dick pic to aoba but he sent it to noiz by mistake and for 5 minutes or so he’s like oh shit oh shit what do i do but then noiz just texts him back with a picture of his own dick

"Humans are uncomplicated. Get down on your hands and knees and grovel. Struggle desperately to live, live and then die. Offer up your hearts. Death and Life. Visit equally”